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  1. 金邊活石堂在過去兩個月中重開聚會,因疫程政府限制聚會人數,所以分兩堂崇拜。
  2. 我們二人可以一星期四天與教會的同工們同時祈禱。
  3. 在疫情中,聽聞柬埔寨有復興現象。
  4. 我們能跟本地教會用Zoom來聯繫。


  1. 因有急需事宜要處理,我們準備在9月25日回柬埔寨。要在起飛前檢疫和取得醫生簽發的無感染証明書,到達金邊後要再檢疫和自費在指定的旅店住兩天等候結果。如飛機有一人感染,大家便要在指定酒店隔離14天。如無人感染我們可以回家隔離14天,之後再檢疫一次。請為我們在檢疫的過程能順暢平安禱告。
  2. 金邊的國際學校會在九月底實體復課。公立中學9及12年班會先在九月復課,請記念新光幼稚園可以早日復課,並能滿足社交距離及防疫的要求。
  3. 高愛心姊妹9月11日開始為幼稚園老師們開辨啟發課程,請為未信的老師能明白福音祈禱。



Dear Family and friends,

        Time went by so fast! We have been in Canada for 6 months already. People often ask if we are bored during these months. Even though we stay home most of the time, we can contact our co-workers in Cambodia and our friends in different parts of the world. We share and encourage each other with God’s words. Personally, we have more time to meditate on the word of God, read books and pray. There have been so many incidents of riots, demonstrations, looting, flooding, and wildfire on top of the pandemic of Covid19. The world has been and will be totally different. As Christians we have hope in God who still reigns as King.

        We want to share a story that is uplifting. Honey is a 9-year-old girl at our church in Cambodia. She has been attending our church with her parents since she was born. She attended our kindergarten when she turned 3 years old. At age 6 she went to a Khmer primary school. Recently her school hosted an inter school story telling contest in English. She chose the story of Christmas. Her father asked her why this was chosen. She said that many Khmer children do not know the real meaning of Christmas. Starting from God’s creation of this world she shared because of men’s sin that Jesus, the Son of God was sent to this world as our Savior. She did a wonderful job. We are so encouraged by her boldness to share about Jesus. May God raise up more children and youth to be light and salt to their own people.

        We are very thankful for your support through all these years. Please continue to praise God for His faithful work and pray for our needs.

Praise items:

  • Living Stone Church has been meeting together for 2 months in 2 sessions on Sundays.
  • Four days a week we pray with our church staff in Phnom Penh at the same time.
  • Heard that there is a revival starting in Cambodia!
  • We can connect with the local churches in our city.

Prayer items:

  • We are returning to Cambodia on 25 September. We need to have tests of Covid 19 before and after the flights. Please pray for a smooth and safe journey.
  • The big international schools are reopening in September. The government schools are reopening grade 9 and 12 in September and other grades in November. Smaller private schools, including Sonlight Kindergarten need to wait for further notice. Please pray that our kindergarten will reopen soon.
  • Our teachers at Sonlight Kindergarten will start the Alpha Course on 11 September. May the Lord use this to bring the non-believers to God’s fold.

        Thank you very much for your faithful involvement in our ministry!

In His service,                        
Joseph and Liza Ng

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